50 Delusional Notes That Bosses Actually Had The Nerve To Display At Work (New Pics)

The difference between a wholesomely supportive and genuinely toxic job environment is the people you work with. Your coworkers, managers, and bosses from all the way up the corporate ladder have the power to either inspire you to aim for new heights or to regret every moment you spend with them.

A major thing that gets employees’ blood boiling is seeing passive-aggressive signs put up all over the office, full of worker-unfriendly regulations, practically dripping with managerial arrogance and disdain for ‘regular’ workers. (A close second, if you’re curious, is people who microwave fish at work. Don’t do that.)

Our team here at Bored Panda dove deep into the r/antiwork archives to collect the very worst office and work signs that people have ever spotted. Including some really weird looking-for-work ads. Seriously, these are all an affront to dignity and perfectly illustrate what some higher-ups think of the people they pay.

Like, who reminds you that your dog is missing you because you can’t work remotely and have to go into the office?! That’s just inhumane (incanine?).

Scroll down for some horrendous pics that you’ll probably want to share with your coworkers at the water cooler. Have you seen any similar signs at work? Have you personally read anything worse? Do you want to vent about your manager for no reason? Drop by the comment section and share your thoughts with us and all the other Pandas.

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