Are the Chiefs plotting a run at Odell Beckham, Jr.?

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The news broke during Tuesday’s PFT Live that the Chiefs have restructured the contract of tight end Travis Kelce to create some much-needed cap space. Much needed for what?

Chris Simms said he’s heard the Chiefs are thinking about making a run at receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. That would make a ton of sense. Someone is going to get him. It undoubtedly will be a container. Why not be the contender who gets him, since that means a competitor won’t?

“bUT hE’s NoT HeAlTHy!” some will say, and have said. Sure, he’s not yet cleared to play after suffering a torn ACL in the Super Bowl. But he’s getting there. And anyone who waits until he does, isn’t going to get him.

The key will be to move at the right time, and the right time will arrive before OBJ is 1oo-percent healthy. The early bird gets the worm. He who hesitates has lost. You snooze, you lose. Shit or get off the pot. Whatever the cliche, sayings become cliche because they’re time-honored and true.

The truth could be that the Chiefs are looking to add OBJ to a good-to-great receiving corps that will get a lot better if he’s healthy and effective. And the net gain becomes even greater, given that the Chiefs signing him means that, for example, the Bills won’t.

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