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The new tool will allow election workers to open about 5,000 ballots per day, using less than half the amount of people it used to need to open envelopes.

BUTTE COUNTY, Calif. – It is just two weeks away from Election Day and Butte County is already starting to count ballots. This election, the Butte County Elections Office has added a new ballot extractor tool to help make the process more efficient.

“This is a process that took nine or twelve people before, and now we are doing it with three of four,” said Manager of Butte County Elections Keaton Denlay.

The device opens up every single envelope faster than a person, or several people can.

“It opens the envelope on two sides,” said Denlay. “The top and the side and then it uses sort of a vacuum technology to open the envelope and allow our staff to remove the ballots from inside.”

From there, the ballot goes to a team of three who flatten it out and check for anything that would cause the ballot to be miscounted.

“That is our way of ensuring the voters votes are recorded accurately,” Denlay told Action News Now.

November 8 General Election information

He said the tool will allow them to open about 5,000 ballots per day. So far, the office has received about 11,000 ballots.

The Butte County Registrar of Voters said there are now about 124,000 registered voters in Butte County.

A reminder that you do not need a stamp to mail your ballot, but it does need to be postmarked by Nov. 8.

If you use a secure drop box, it has to be dropped off before 8 pm on Election Day.


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