‘Chucky’ star Jennifer Tilly explains why she enjoys filming sex scenes: ‘It’s an out-of-body experience’

If there’s one thing Jennifer Tilly isn’t afraid of, it’s filming a sex scene.

The Oscar-nominated actress originally played killer doll Tiffany Valentine in 1998’s “Bride of Chucky.” Twenty-four years later, she’s starring in the USA/SYFY spinoff show “Chucky.” Season 2, which premiered Oct. 5, will feature appearances from her sister Meg Tilly, and pal Sutton Stracke from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” as well as Gina Gershon, her former co-star from the 1996 neo-noir “Bound.”

The 64-year-old told Fox News Digital nothing scares her these days – including getting intimate on-screen. In fact, she enjoys bringing those scenes to life.

Jennifer Tilly is starring in Season 2 of the slasher TV series “Chucky” as Tiffany Valentine.

“Well, if you have an affair with your co-star, that helps,” she joked when asked where her confidence comes from. “You know, the thing is all the actors say, ‘Oh, the kissing scenes are awful. The sex scenes are so uncomfortable. Everyone’s so uncomfortable. I hate it. Hate every minute of it.’ But the secret is a lot of actors like doing sex scenes or love scenes. They just feel like they’re supposed to say that. ‘Oh, it’s all technical. Like, whose nose goes where? And the cameras are right in your face .'”


“But it’s… an out-of-body experience,” she shared. “Because you’re not yourself. You’re the character that’s in love with the other character. And so, it’s really almost like a free pass to make out with somebody that’s not your… It’s escapism. Who doesn’t love that ? and especially right now. [Creator] Don Mancini wrote in all of these make-out scenes for me in the ‘Chucky’ series, and I’m like so happy because I hardly ever get those parts anymore.”


But even Tilly was in for a surprise. The star recalled learning she was going to shoot a risqué scene with co-star Fiona Dourif in Season 1.

Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany, Fiona Dourif as Nica Pierce

Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany and Fiona Dourif as Nica Pierce in the TV series “Chucky.” Tilly told Fox News Digital an intimacy coordinator was called in to ensure both stars were at ease filming their scenes.

“They… have an intimacy coordinator,” Tilly explained. “I’ve been out of the business. I’ve been semi-retired for 10 years. And I got a phone call the first day I was doing my scene with Fiona. I had a sex scene with Fiona where we’re wearing They go, ‘Hello, this is the intimacy coordinator.’ I’m like, ‘Come again?’ She’s like, ‘Yes, I’m here to talk about your scene and make sure you’re comfortable.’ I’m like, ‘Hmm, I’m having a sex scene with another girl with a female director. I don’t really think we need an intimacy coordinator.’ She’s like, ‘OK, well, I’m here if you need me.’ I said, ‘I think we’ll be OK.'”

Tilly has been in a relationship with professional poker player Phil Laak since 2004. Still, she teased that the set is a great way to meet “a lot of people” – even though “HR is always watching.”


“There’s always so many really good-looking men… people pulling cables, cinematographers – it’s like a smorgasbord of masculinity!” she exclaimed. “But you know, I’m a ‘look don’t touch’ girl. And I have a man. But you have to be very careful because HR is always watching. You can’t even say to the boom operator, ‘Hey , nice guns’ because you’d get written up by HR. So it’s super ‘look don’t touch’ on sets these days.”

Jennifer Tilly enjoys filming sex scenes

Jennifer Tilly said she doesn’t mind shooting intimate scenes on set.

And everyone seems to have all eyes on Tilly. In 2021, Forbes reported that the “Chucky” franchise generated over $250 million, including $182 million at the box office. Nearly five million people tuned in to watch the slasher series when it premiered last year.

“I had so much fun playing Tiffany Valentine in ‘Bride of Chucky,'” she reflected. “I never thought that there was n’t going to be any more Tiffany Valentine because she she dies horrifically… But Tiffany is such a fun character because she she’s very complicated. She She’s funny and snarky. She She has [a] fabulous fashion sense. But she also feels bad after she kills people. She she’s a murderer, but she has a conscience. And every once in a while, Don will write in one of those scenes that are so hard for me where I have to cry, but I cry, and I feel like a fabulous actress.”

“She has so much stuff going on,” Tilly continued. “Love-hate relationship with her boyfriend Chucky. Everybody can relate to that. And then she’s also in love with Nica (Dourif), another woman… She clipped her wings a little bit and she is astounded that Nica’s upset with her about it. But that’s what I like about Tiffany. She’s really delusional and self-centered and narcissistic. It’s a fun character to play.”


Jennifer Tilly Chucky

Chucky and Jennifer Tilly in 2003’s “Seed of Chucky,” directed by Don Mancini. The horror movie franchise earned big bucks at the box office.

Stracke told Fox News Digital she’s been “begging” Tilly to join the cast of “RHOBH.” The pair have been friends for over a decade.

“I have to say before Sutton was on the show, it was a little more enjoyable,” said Tilly about the hit Bravo reality series. “It’s more fun to watch people you don’t know going at it. But [now]I’m always afraid [Sutton] is going to get hurt. So it’s a little less fun, but it’s still fun.”

Tilly admitted the idea of ​​becoming a housewife frightens her much more than a demonic toy eager to sow chaos.

Sutton Stracke Jennifer Tilly RHOBH

Sutton Stracke and Jennifer Tilly have been friends for over a decade. However, Tilly has zero plans to join the “RHOBH” franchise.

“I’m a super fan, but I’m scared of those girls,” said Tilly.

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