ClevX’s DataLock Secures M.2 SSDs With a Smartphone

ClevX has developed a new self-encrypting drive (SED) platform that does not depend on host hardware as well as the operating system and can be deployed within a matter of minutes. ClevX DataLock BT Secured can be applied to almost any internal or external solid-state drive or hard disk drive. All it needs is a small chip, a Bluetooth antenna, software from ClevX, and a modern smartphone. The platform can even ensure that a drive can be unlocked only in select geolocations.

While ClevX’s DataLock BT Secured provides very powerful security features, it’s a relatively simple platform. On the hardware side of matters, it’s comprised of a small chip that encrypts data using an AES-256 algorithm, holds the unique pin code to unlock the data, and a Bluetooth antenna. This small chip can be installed on any SSD or HDD, provided that it has the right controller and firmware. Since ClevX works with all major developers of SSD controllers, including Marvell, Phison, and Silicon Motion, drive manufacturers have a lot of choice.

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