Country Stars Remember Leslie Jordan After His Death: Read Tributes

Country musicians are mourning the loss of Leslie Jordan, the beloved actor best known for his roles on Heartbreak and Will & Grace, following his death on Monday. He was 67 years old.

Jordan’s rep confirmed to PEOPLE he died in a car crash in Hollywood, California, after an apparent medical emergency. The accident occurred at around 9:30 am local time, according to the LAPD.

Since the news broke, country stars have paid tribute to Jordan on social media — honoring his career as an actor and musician, as well as his infectious sense of humor.

Dolly Parton dedicated a heartbreaking tribute to her “little brother” Jordan on Instagram.

“Well I am as hurt and shocked as if I have lost a family member,” began the country icon, 76. “Leslie and I had a special bond, I think the world felt they had a special bond with him. I know people always say, ‘Oh, they will be missed’ but in this case that could not be more true. He will be missed by everyone who knew him personally and by everyone who was entertained by him. Rest in peace lil’ brother.”

Last year, Parton and Jordan teamed up on a track called “Where the Soul Never Dies” for his album Company’s Comin.

Meanwhile, in April 2021, he spoke to the Loess Angeles times about collaborating with the musician. He told the outlet that he had been a fan of hers for years and once drove hours from his hometown in Chattanooga, Tennessee to hers in Sevierville, Tennessee, in hopes of running into her. When he finally got his chance, he was stunned.

“I couldn’t even breathe,” he recalled. “I went over there and she was all dolled up for a Christmas special that she did. And we sat there and even though we were masked and socially distant, we just glommed on to one another.”

Afterward, people asked him what she was like: “Well, you know exactly what she’s like,” he said. “You don’t have to meet her to know what she’s like. I just adored her.”

TJ Osborne — who collaborated with Jordan on “In the Sweet By and By” — shared a sweet photo with the star where they’re wearing matching bomber jackets. “Thank you for bringing us all so much joy, Leslie. We will meet again on that beautiful shore,” he wrote.

Brothers Osborne, which is made up of TJ and his brother John, also shared some words and a family photo with John’s wife Lucie Silvas, the brothers’ sister Natalie and her boyfriend, and songwriter Kate York: “Rest in peace you sweet sweet man . You left a fullness in people’s hearts, a smile on their faces, and joy in their souls. We’ll meet again in the sweet by and by, Leslie.”

Meanwhile, Tanya Tucker — who was also featured on Jordan’s album — wrote a lengthy message on Instagram alongside a silly video with Jordan. In the caption, she recalled his wonderful sense of humor — and his ability to make others laugh.

“The laughter has died along with my funny funny friend, @thelesliejordan. I’m taking some time off the road in another country and I feel so far away on this very sad day,” she wrote. “It’s impossible to have any joy or laughter in a place where people come to do Just That. Smiles, cheerful beautiful memories, songs and dancing… Today there are none. Why do the ones we need the most to make us happy have to pass too soon? I don’t understand!!!”

Tucker concluded, “The only good thing about this is that he is with his precious Mother who he adored and she adored him. Rest easy with her Leslie… I know God is laughing his crown off!!!”

Brandi Carlile, who recorded “Angel Band” with Jordan, began her tribute with Jordan’s iconic line: “Well s—. Someone had to say it 💔”

“I will never understand why God took him home so early. I can’t make sense of this loss right now. I wish I had more profound words to soothe the souls who have lost the laughter and light today… Most people know how he made us (his fellow hunker-downers) laugh smile and reconsider our collective tattered faith in God,” she wrote, calling him a “gift to humanity.” “But few people know the thankless work he did to hold the hands of the rejected and to walk traumatized and forgotten queer people from the trenches to the throne.”

Jimmie Allen kept his tribute short and sweet, sharing a photo with Jordan as they both smiled from ear to ear: “LJ Rest In Love brother. Thanks for the talks and the 6am texts. You brought a smile to so many people. ♠️”

For Charlie Worsham — who recorded “Working on a Building” with Jordan — the actor was someone who brought light into this world.

“i can’t believe he’s gone, though i believe with all my spirit that the circle remains unbroken and that he’s up in heaven right now, talking to Jesus and the angels, probably saying something like, “well s—… what are y ‘all doin’

Kelsea Ballerin shared a photo on her Instagram Stories from the moment she first met Jordan backstage at the Grand Ole Opry — and Reese Witherspoon was there!

Ingrid Andress shared photos and videos from inside a dressing room, where Jordan is hilariously posing and fixing her hair.

“it’s truly mind blowing how quickly life comes and goes. @thelesliejordan spread nothing but light and love, and that’s something we all shall continue to do in his honor,” the “Wishful Drinking” singer wrote. “seeing so many people post about him shows me how much love he gave, and it’s very powerful. RIP you beautiful soul 🤍”

Cassadee Pope also paid tribute to the star and wrote that she’s “never known such love and kindness.”

“I’ll miss this fella and his stories more than words can express,” she wrote on Instagram. “My heart goes out to his family and loved ones. Rest easy, Leslie 💔”

Country duo Kate and Alex shared a photo with the star on Instagram and wrote he was, “One of the kindest souls we’ve ever met. You treated everyone you came across like family. You will be missed 💔 Rest easy Leslie 🕊”

Lady A’s Hillary Scott wrote a lengthy tribute for Jordan and recalled the time she interviewed him (and how nervous she felt!).

“We talked about his gospel album and his gospel roots. We also learned of just how much we had in common,” she wrote. “We had lunch after we chatted over FaceTime and it was a JOY to spend those few hours with him. If you followed Leslie on Instagram over the pandemic you know that there is arguably no one who was a brighter more comedic light in such an unsteady and scary time.”

Maren Morris reposted a hilarious video of Jordan jamming out to Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s “WAP” on her Instagram Stories. In the post, she wrote, “broken hearts and laughter. RIP.”

Chase Wright shared a photo with Jordan from what appeared to be a football game, and called him one of the “brightest souls.”

“You gave the world so much Joy and laughter. When everything seemed to be falling apart, you taught us to laugh again,” he wrote. “Not only that, but your kindness was contagious and an example for all. Much love @thelesliejordan you’re truly an inspiration.”

Meanwhile, songwriter Shane McAnally revealed a lesson that Jordan taught him — and that he plans to carry with him forever.

“If our purpose on this earth is to love and be loved…he fulfilled his times a million. He was already an angel long before he went to heaven, so I know his journey was seamless….but God I will miss him, as will we all,” he wrote. “Thank you, Leslie…for reminding me over and over that being yourself is your greatest gift. I will never ever forget our times together. I love you always.”

CMT host Cody Alan paid tribute by sharing how his work impacted the world — and confessed that he was “heartbroken” over Jordan’s death.

“He was as joyous as he was authentic. A friend to many in Nashville thanks to his love of country & gospel music—even releasing an album of southern favorites on Company’s Comin’ just last year,” he wrote. “And what a wonderful new audience he found over social media during the pandemic, with millions discovering his comedic brilliance for the first time. 💔 He will be missed. #RIP”

Sara Evans called it “a sad sad day. I recently got to know Leslie and we became fast friends! He was so kind and funny and authentic! We had him as a guest on Closet Chaos and he couldn’t have been more gracious and kind to us! He will be greatly missed!”

Musical trio Chapel Hart posted a sweet carousel of photos with Jordan — including one where he’s bowing down to them. “There are no words… 🥺😭😢 literally from the moment we all locked eyes ✨SPARKS✨ you couldn’t tell we all hadn’t been friends for 20 yrs!!!” they recalled.

“But I imagine that was @thelesliejordan with ANYONE he encountered! We were asked at the @opry to introduce Leslie as a surprise special guest and we looked on stage and he was OUT THERE DANCING WITH THE CLOGGERS!!!” they continued. “We could all take a page out of our dear friend’s book… LIVE LIFE OUT LOUD AND MARCH TO THE BEAT OF YOUR OWN DRUM, BECAUSE WHO’S A BETTER CONDUCTOR THAN YOOOOUUUUU!!!!!”

Randy Houser remembered the actor in his own words. “Well S— Y’all. Can’t say how much this fella meant. What a beautiful light in the world he has been. RIP buddy.”

Margo Price wrote that Jordan “radiated joy in a way that was so unique and pure. He was a light in a dark world and he will be so missed. ”

Meanwhile, for ERNEST, “losing a legend” was “sad sad news.”

“I had the pleasure of getting to know this dude over the past year. We talked on here and texted a bit but finally got up to have lunch a couple months ago when he was in town.. we laughed hard and talked about his plans for releasing music,” he wrote. “He loved Nashville and country/ gospel music so much. He brought joy to millions of folks… One of the sweetest guys I’ve met.”

Jelly Roll felt grateful he got to meet Jordan. “You were one of the sweetest most caring souls I ever had the encounter of knowing,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’m glad I told you I loved you everytime we spoke or came across each other. Lord knows the Heavens are celebrating today, meanwhile Your fellow hunker downers already miss you down here. Energy never dies , it transfers.”

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