Deshaun Watson’s lawyers seek sanctions against lawyers who filed latest lawsuit

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Deshaun Watson has settled more than 20 arguments alleging sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions. He doesn’t seem to be inclined to settle the most recent one to be filed.

Via Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today, lawyer Rusty Hardin has filed a motion for sanctions against lawyers from the Universal Law Group for filing a “sham lawsuit” against Watson earlier this month. The lead counsel in the latest case against Watson is Annisah Nguyen.

The paperwork filed by Hardin includes screen shots of text messages the alleged victim sent to Watson after the session during which he allegedly pressured her to perform oral sex.

“This evidence undeniably establishes that while this may be a case of unrequited love, under no stretch of the imagination is this a case of assault,” Hardin said. “Had [the lawyers] performed even the most cursory investigation, it would have confirmed that fact.”

It’s not the first time Hardin has taken an aggressive posture on behalf of Watson. At one point, he suggested that all of the women who had alleged misconduct by Watson were not telling the truth.

In most jurisdictions it’s difficult to get sanctions for the filing of a frivolous argument. The best approach typically is to go through the appropriate steps, develop the relevant evidence, and at the appropriate time file a motion attacking the case on its merits.

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