‘Dressy, but Messy’ Gala benefiting the Home of Grace

Tonight at Centennial Plaza, there was a unique gala benefiting Home of Grace, which offers faith-based rehab to men and women.

The ‘Dressy, but Messy Gala’ is unique because a pair of utensils was auctioned off for $1,000. You might be wondering why such a high price was paid for silverware, but that’s because upon arrival, guests were told there would be none.

So, many guests had to make do without, enjoying their steak dinners with their fingers. Very messy, but organizers say so is the battle with addiction.

Apart from the auction, there was live music, food, and testimonies from Home of Grace alumni.

Through their stories, the masquerade-inspired gala aimed to ‘unmask the stigmas of addiction’ surrounding addiction recovery. Home of Grace Executive Director Josh Barton said, “A lot of people don’t understand. They think of someone in addiction as a homeless person who’s strung out. They don’t understand that there are people dealing with addiction to prescription pills. They look like everybody else. They’re going to work like everybody else, but they’re suffering.”

The night was messy, but successful, securing funds for the Home of Grace to award scholarships to individuals who need assistance to enter their rehab program.

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