DualSense Edge Controller Pre-Orders Are Live Now on PlayStation Direct

Image: Push Square

Update: Just as a note, pre-orders for the DualSense Edge are now also live in the United States, so take a look if you want to add one of these pads to your PS5 arsenal:

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Original Article: As promised, the DualSense Edge PS5 controller is up for pre-order today, 25th October.

The pro pad, which features customisable triggers, thumb sticks, and back buttons, is currently available for pre-order in European countries France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the UK, with the United States page going live a little later . As a quick reminder, the snazzy controller will set you back £209.99 / €239.99 / $199.99.

If you successfully place your pre-order, you’ll receive your DualSense Edge upon its release on 26th January 2023. From this date, it’ll be available for regular purchase through PlayStation Direct, and will hit other retailers about a month later.


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