ESPN says Mac Jones’s interception vs. the Bears didn’t hit the SkyCam wire

Was there more to one of the key plays from the Patriots’ 33-14 loss to the Bears on Monday night?

Internet sleuths thought there might be when a video circulating on Twitter appeared to show a pass thrown by Patriots quarterback Mac Jones hitting the wire for an ESPN SkyCam.

The pass in question was intercepted by the Bears, and was Jones’s final throw of the night. He was benched in the second quarter in favor of rookie Bailey Zappe.

The moment was originally pointed out by a Bills fan on Twitter.

But ESPN issued a statement on Wednesday that quickly debunked the theory:

“This pass from Mac Jones did not hit ESPN’s SkyCam wiring. This video creates a false impression, but in reality the SkyCam wire was more than 15 feet above the ball and our SkyCam system followed all NFL protocols.”

Had the ball hit the wire, the play would have been dead — and the interception negated. Instead, it was a Patriots turnover.

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