Florida couple’s book series ‘Brudders’ helps kids navigate life

A Pasco County couple turned their passions for writing and illustration into a book series delighting kids and parents across the globe.

The “Brudders” series of books is based on the fictional adventures of a little bear named – you guessed it – Brudders.

“Brudders a little bear who we modeled after a little child, who’s growing up, stumbling through the world, curious to learn for the first time,” author KA Leigh explained.

Leigh’s fiancé, Derek Roberts, is a graphic designer and does studio animation.

“Derek started sketching the bear. Randomly he showed it to me one day and that’s when everything clicked,” Leigh recalled.

Brudders is named after Derek’s childhood family dog.

“He meant so much to us that I wanted his name to live on forever,” Derek said.

So far, there are two “Brudders” books in the series: “Brudders Learns How to Make Friends” and “Brudders Learns the Joy of Saying ‘Thank You.'”

“We write them in such a way that kids can connect to the bear immediately. Page one, they see themselves in Brudders,” said Leigh.

To shop for the books, Brudders toys, t-shirts, and cards, visit https://www.bruddersbooks.com/.


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