Internet Is Still Outraging Over Aemond’s ‘Dumb’ Behavior In House Of The Dragon Finale

The great twist in the House of the Dragon season 1 finale was brought about by Prince Aemond’s utter incompetence. With declarations of war, the show ended its fantastic first season, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what will happen in season 2. The Blacks will have their due; it’s revenge time.


*Spoiler Alert: You Have Been Warned*

The death of her father, King Viserys, and the Greens’ scheme to install his son, Prince Aegon, as ruler of the Dragonpit are ultimately revealed to Princess Rhaenyra in the season finale. Although she is simultaneously enraged, she makes it clear to everyone that she has no intention of instigating a war in order to claim the Iron Throne. However, because of Prince Aemond’s ignorance, her benevolent intentions do n’t last for very long.

Aemond makes the mistake of bothering Luke, but he soon realises that dragons are not designed for goofing around. Before Aemond could say, “Oh no, please don’t eat my nephew,” Vhagar swallows Arrax whole in one gulp. This brings to mind Viserys’ initial statement, “The Idea That We Control The Dragons, Is An Illusion. There are powers that men should never have trifled with,” from the very first episode.

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We see the link between the dragon and rider here, and in many instances, we have seen that they feel the agony, the intentions, and any of the darkest ambitions. Because of Luke, Eric is already agitated and in a panic as Luke departs the castle.

It does demonstrate how the dragon can be influenced by the rider’s emotions because, in this instance, Eric briefly fought back even though Luke knew they couldn’t win and it appeared he was tired of Aemond bullying him. The audience had witnessed Aemond acting like a bully and simply throwing his nephews around. The anger Aemond had about losing his one eye was then channeled by Vhagar, resulting in a fight.

However, Aemond made a stupid mistake, and fans immediately posted about it online.

Twitter Reactions For House Of The Dragon Climax, Internet Outrage Over Aemondscreengrab

Here’s How The Internet Is Reacting

It was difficult to top the House of the Dragon’s season finale, which featured Rhaenys emerging from beneath the flagstones on the back of her dragon. In keeping with the Game of Thrones world, not everyone escapes unscathed, and the consequences that follow will be enormous. Yes, there will be House Of The Dragon Season 2 and if the sources are to believe the filming has begun for the same.

Actually, the news was announced only five days after the debut of the first episode. Given the almost insatiable fan hunger for the Game of Thrones spin-off, it is not surprising that HBO was interested.

According to Marie Claire, if filming does start in the spring of 2023, the wait for a second season will most likely not end until the spring or summer of 2024 due to scheduling conflicts and additional post-production work.

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