Joe Rogan Steve Jobs AI interview: explained

Joe Rogan Steve Jobs AI interview shook the Internet. But how did it happen? Of course, the usual suspect of unusual things in charge. Artificial intelligence amazes us occasionally, and is today’s pick. Steve Jobs was just brought back to life by AI so that he could talk to Joe Rogan!

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Joe Rogan Steve Jobs AI interview

With the use of artificial intelligence, produced the extremely interesting Rogan-Jobs interview. Although certain components are clumsy and obvious from the genuine thing, it shows what is possible with a little polish. While the podcast’s opening segment is awkward, with strange pauses and awkward laughter, it does start to move into a real conversation about faith, tech companies, and drugs.

Joe Rogan Steve Jobs AI interview: is a weekly AI-generated podcast series

The absurd thing is that when you start to pay attention to what they are saying, certain aspects start to sound believable and keep you listening.

The development of a podcast featuring an interview with Steve Jobs is evidence that artificial intelligence (AI) is still moving toward consolidation.

The interview begins with the AI ​​version of Rogan complimenting Jobs for his innovations and referring to him as “a memory from the past.” Joe Rogan and Steve Jobs ‘AI spoke on issues including Buddhism in Jobs’ life and how it affected his work at the company. The interview also covered Apple’s future.

“Despite having the best products on the market, it can still continue to evolve and move forward.”

AI Steve Jobs

The 20-minute talk is the first episode of a podcast series where listeners can vote on which character they want to be created for the following episode. Check out the full episode below or go to

The Steve Jobs episode was trained on his biography and any available web recordings of him in order for the AI ​​to recreate him.

Steve Jobs Was Brought Back To Life To Be Interviewed By Joe Rogan;  Buddha And Einstein Are On The Way
Joe Rogan Steve Jobs AI interview:, a voice synthesis business with headquarters in Dubai, cloned the speech of both men.

“The episodes are rendered using’s ultra-realistic voices and transcripts are generated with fine-tuned language models. We wanted to push the boundaries of what is possible in current state of the art speech synthesis, we wanted to create content that can inspire others to do the same, and there was no one who inspired and impacted the technology world more than Steve Jobs, that’s why in the first episode we brought his voice back to life.”

Conversation between Buddha and Einstein on the way

Listeners can recommend themes for future episodes of, which delves deeply into a different subject every week. They can also suggest hosts and guests.

At the time of writing, the conversation between Buddha and Einstein is a top trending episode idea. The contenders of Buddha and Einstein are “Trump interviews himself,” “Elon Musk interviews Nikola Tesla,” “Joe Rogan mediates peace between Russia and the US,” “Steve Jobs and Elon Musk,” and
“Jesus interviews God.” Quite interesting, right?

Steve Jobs Was Brought Back To Life To Be Interviewed By Joe Rogan;  Buddha And Einstein Are On The Way
Joe Rogan Steve Jobs AI interview: is the AI ​​tool that powered and Joe Rogan Steve Jobs AI interview episode

If you want to vote for the ideas or suggest a new one, simply click this link.

Are robots artificial intelligence?

What is

The weekly podcast is fully produced by artificial intelligence and delves deeply into a new subject. The transcripts are produced using honed language models, and the episodes are displayed using’s realistic voices.

For instance, the AI ​​was trained for the Steve Jobs episode using both his biography and any internet recording of him that we could discover. This allowed the AI ​​to recreate him.

What is is an AI-powered text-to-voice generation tool. It can use for videos, e-learning, IVR system, audio articles, podcasts, and more. pricing

For individuals:

For teams and enterprises:

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