Kolabtree highlights AI in medtech capabilities

According to Insider Intelligence, artificial Intelligence (AI) in the healthcare market is estimated to have a year-on-year growth of between 34.9% and 48% over the next five years.

To help healthcare practitioners enhance their AI capabilities, scientific freelance platform Kolabtree has released an infographic highlighting the benefits of using AI to advance healthcare. You can view this for free on the Kolabtree website here.

AI can aid the medtech industry from drug discovery and diagnosis to treatment and service provision. AI-assisted healthcare products have held great significance in healthcare after the pandemic and the development of products for use in homes as well as clinics and hospitals has accelerated adoption.

Despite its increasing popularity, AI is still new to healthcare applications, which can make it difficult to know how to effectively integrate its technology. Kolabtree’s infographic breaks down three key steps to integrating AI into the workforce.

Ashmita Das, CEO of Kolabtree, said: “AI technology can help healthcare professionals improve patient care and avoid an overburdened workforce, but it can also create a knowledge gap, preventing businesses from getting the most out of their tech. Harmonising the relationship between AI and the workforce by closing that gap can offer a seamless transition into digitalising the science and medical industries. Poor communication between the two can lead to reduced productivity and user errors.

“Our infographic helps to simplify the process into three steps so that practitioners can see the benefits of AI from the start.”

AI has the potential to improve healthcare outcomes by 30 to 40% while halving treatment costs. While many tasks traditionally done by employees have now become automated, it has also opened a variety of opportunities and new job roles. World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs Report 2020 predicts that AI will create 97 million new jobs across a variety of sectors by 2025.

Businesses struggling to integrate and improve the use of current AI technology can outsource help by working with freelancers. Outsourcing specialists to guide in-house teams on how to integrate AI into the business offers a win-win solution and ensures in-house staff get the most from their technology.


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