LeaseQuery Announces New AI Capability to Automate Lease Abstraction and Lease Entry

LeaseQuery, a provider of software built to simplify the complexities of accounting, has announced the addition of new AI capabilities to enable lease abstraction and lease entry. Combining accounting technology with the power of artificial intelligence will allow LeaseQuery to initially automate key parts of its implementation process, offering customers a seamless onboarding experience.

LeaseQuery says it remains committed to efficiently guiding customers through complex accounting processes. Adding AI-powered lease abstraction and data entry workflows to the onboarding process will provide even more value to customers.

“With accounting expertise being the core of our business, we realize the immediate value AI brings to lease accounting,” said Andrew Larson, LeaseQuery’s Chief Technology Officer. “Using AI to accelerate onboarding sets the foundation to build more elaborate AI and machine learning services within our current and future products.”

This powerful combination of accounting and AI technology, backed by established industry expertise solidifies LeaseQuery’s mission to deliver the most user-friendly and trustworthy financial solutions in the world.

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