Liverpool issues explained and Jurgen Klopp's solutions

Liverpool issues explained and Jurgen Klopp’s solutions

So, um, Liverpool, huh? Are they… back?

In Sunday’s win against Manchester City, it sure looked like it. And in Wednesday’s 7-1 blowout against Rangers, it absolutely looked like it. But, of course, there was the Arsenal game last Sunday, and the Brighton game before it, and the Napoli game, and the Everton game, and the Manchester United game, and the Crystal Palace game, and the Fulham game in which it looked like anything but.

The Liverpool team we’ve seen over the past week was the team many of us expected to see at the start of the 2022-23 season: absolutely electric in open space against the best teams in Europe, but also able to blow less talented sides into outer space thanks to a growing, dynamic collection of forward and attacking midfield talent.

And yet that’s mostly not the team that Liverpool have been since the season started: a leggy, vulnerable side that frequently looked old and struggled to turn final-third dominance into goals. They are, after all, now in eighth place in the Premier League with 13 points from nine games — much closer to Nottingham Forest in 20th than to Arsenal in first.

Did something get fixed? Are they just finally playing up to their talent level? Or is this just a blip before more months of mading inconsistency?


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