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If “Venmo me 💸” is your catchphrase, you’re probably a points fiend—and probably just a tad obsessive about your credit score (no judgment 😉). Kudos for making the most out of your (and your posse’s) expensive taste. A few more rounds of negroni sbagliato cocktails, and maybe you’ll cover your next vacation.

But if you take advantage of every transaction to earn points, don’t ignore your biggest expense: your rent. Although landlords might charge fees if you pay your rent with a credit card, there are some ways to get more out of these substantial payments (keep in mind, none of these are worth it if they put you at risk of accumulating credit card debt):

  • Worried about reaching the minimum spending requirement for a new credit card with a big sign-on bonus? Charge your rent to bring your balance over the threshold and secure that flashy $1,000 payout.
  • Use Bilt, a credit card you can use to pay your rent and earn points without fees. Bilt sends a direct deposit or check to your landlord while counting your rent payment as a credit card transaction, which gets you rewards. One caveat: You need to use the card at least five times per statement period to unlock the full benefits.
  • If you’re more concerned right now with your credit score than your card rewards, we gotchu. Try free tools like Experian Boost and your recurring on-time payments can boost your credit score. (Utilities and subscription payments count, too.)

And as always, read the fine print. Paying your rent with a credit card typically comes with a 2.5% to 2.9% processing fee, which may sound small, but an extra $50 tacked on to a $2,000 rent payment with a 2.5% fee adds up to $600 over a year. Make sure the rewards you’re after are worth it.—Isabel

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