Miss Sri Lanka New York Pageant Party Turns Violent, Internet Says “Utter Disgrace”

It was not clear what triggered the clash.

The first-ever Miss Sri Lanka beauty pageant held in New York’s Staten Island ended in a brawl. The physical fight broke out at the after-party on Friday and the video has gone viral on social media. It shows men and women raining blows on each other at the event, which was attended by more than 300 guests. according to South China Morning Post, it was not clear what triggered the clash in which some property was also damaged. It further said that multiple arrests were made in connection with the brawl.

the SCMP report said that the organizers decided to hold the event on State Island as it is home to a large number of Sri Lankans who migrated to the US, and because they wanted to help the island nation which is in a “difficult condition”.

Quoting one of the pageant organizers, Sujani Fernando, the New York Post said that none of the 14 contestants were involved in the fight.

This comes a year after the reigning Mrs Sri Lanka was arrested for snatching the crown from the head of a rival she said should’ve been disqualified because she was divorced.

The incident has made the social media users from Sri Lanka angry, who said that such behavior tarnishes their image in the United States.

“This is the typical behavior of village Sri Lankans. Every event ends up in a brawl. From elders to children to women. they hit at each other with plastic chairs, umbrellas. It’s quite exciting to watch,” a user said on Twitter.

“Utter disgrace and embarrassing. All of them should be arrested and punished according to the law,” said another.

Sujani Fernando, however, said there is no need to stereotype. “Sri Lankans are good people. It’s just a fight – fights happen, kids fight. That happens in any culture, any nationality, it doesn’t have to be Sri Lankans. We’re not that type of people,” she told the post.

Angelia Gunasekara was crowned Miss Sri Lanka New York at the pageant organized to raise funds for the country’s cancer hospital.

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