NBA Announces Opening Night Rosters For 2022/23

After the deadline for teams to reduce their rosters to 17 players (15 on standard contracts and two on two-way deals) passed on Monday evening, the NBA issued a press release listing the opening night rosters for all 30 teams. That list can be found right here.

The NBA’s team-by-team breakdown doesn’t include any major surprises. The only discrepancies we noticed were as follows:

  • Luke Cornet does not appear on the Celtics‘ roster, but our assumption for now is that’s a mistake. There has been no indication from the team that Kornet was waived, and no moves involving him show up in the NBA’s official transaction log. We’ll keep an eye out to see if that changes.
  • Mamadi Diakitewho signed a two-way contract with the cavaliers, doesn’t show up on Cleveland’s roster because he completed his deal after the deadline to get down to 17 players had already passed. He now fills the Cavs’ second two-way slot.
  • the Mavericks are reportedly signing Facundo Campazzo to a standard contract, while the Trail Blazers are reportedly signing John Butler to a two-way deal. However, neither move is official yet, so Campazzo and Butler don’t show up on the list of opening night rosters.

Once the Campazzo and Butler signings are finalized, there will only be nine roster spots available around the NBA, with 501 of 510 possible slots filled, including all 60 two-ways.

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the Hawks, hornets, cavaliers, warriors, clippers, heat, sixers, sunsand Trail Blazers are the teams that will have an open spot on their respective standard rosters.

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