NBA in Steph Curry era, not LeBron James era, Kevin Garnett believes

Kevin Garnett believes the NBA is in a state of transition.

The Hall of Famer said on the latest episode of his “KG Certified” podcast that the league no longer is in the era of LeBron James and is now in the era of Steph Curry and the Warriors.

“I think we gotta say we outta the LeBron era,” Garnett said. “I think that we’re in the Steph era. I think we’re in the Golden State/Steph era. I think we gotta put a lot more respect on his name, because he ai n’t done. They’re not done.” (h/t 95.7 The Game)

Garnett believes that Curry changed the game of basketball with his deep shooting and transformed the point guard position.

“I really think he’s changed the game,” Garnett added. “Not only at your point of pickup, on a guard who has crazy range like he has, but he’s pushed the level to another level. To where, if you’re gonna have a deep ball, or be a shooter, you gotta be able to shoot it from here. He set the precedent for that. Those are game-changers, game disruptors. You come in and he shifted the whole era of guards.”

The 15-time All-Star also believes that because of Curry’s influence on the art of 3-point shooting, the league should entertain adding a four-point basket, one that rewards shooters bold enough to pull up from deep.

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“The league’s gonna have to entertain the 4(-point) ball at some point,” Garnett said. “It’s just getting outta hand.”

Garnett’s plan for the Steph Curry Era certainly sounds fun. What do you think?

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