Pit Bull’s Adorable Bedtime Routine Delights Internet: ‘All Tucked In’

A video showing a pit bull’s bedtime routine might have some viewers reassessing their views on these types of dogs.

Pit bulls often hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in news stories concerning dog attacks that have, in some instances, resulted in death.

Stock image of a pit bull on a makeshift bed. A dog’s night-time routine of 10 years is melting hearts online.
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The statistics make for damning reading, with data compiled by DogsBite.org showing that, in 2019, for example, pit bulls were involved in 69 percent of the 59 dog-bite fatalities recorded in the US that year.

However, despite the data, many pit-bull owners are at pains to prove their canine companions do not warrant the reputation that precedes them.

Simba is a case in point. In a video shared to TikTok by his owner, posting under the handle enchantress.noir, he can be seen engaging in what has become a nightly ritual for the much-loved canine. The video, which has been viewed 8.7 million views, can be watched here.

As the footage shows, Simba’s night-time routine consists of making a beeline for his bed where his owner and stand-in mom proceeds to wrap him in a snuggly blanket alongside a teddy bear before he drifts off to sleep.

It’s clearly not been forced upon him either, with Simba shown lapping up the attention from his owner, who is only too happy to make her canine companion comfortable.

According to Simba’s owner, he happily stays there all night and has been doing so every night since he was first brought home as a puppy, 10 years ago.

The sweetness of it all was not lost on those watching along on social media. “This is beautiful,” intub8u2 posted, with happy_and_retired writing: “Oh my goodness, the love on his face when he looks at you !!!!”

Vene305rican agreed, commenting: “Adorable, just simply gorgeous! The look towards you of love, gratefulness and admiration just melts our hearts!” while Kristen Cook wrote: “He was waiting for you to love on him.”

“Awwww sweet baby all tucked in,” Jaimeemix added.

Elsewhere, Olivburkish wrote: “To everyone saying pit bulls are aggressive, does this look aggressive to you?” Jackrussellife agreed, adding: “Pit bulls are one of the kindest best breeds. Bad owners give them a bad reputation.”

However, other posters such as Leslie Swann were less convinced. “Do you usually judge a book by the cover?” the poster asked. “They will turn in an instant.”

Rj Aparato wrote: “Love pit bulls but this is literally a video with their owners, they can be unpredictable with strangers and other dogs if not trained right.”

However, others like Beccsnotsweet sided with the pit-bull lovers, commenting: “This is one of the most friendly, lovely and adorable breeds ever!”

Newsweek has contacted enchantress.noir for comment.

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