RSA’s Mobile Lock Can Detect Critical Threats on Mobile Devices

RSA is launching Mobile Lock, a new mobile security solution designed to detect critical threats on mobile devices and restrict users from authenticating into secure corporate systems.

According to the Bedford, Mass.-based provider of identity and access management, RSA Mobile Lock can prevent a threat from expanding beyond a compromised mobile device to other users, data and systems.

The company says mobile security, combined with remote work and inattentive users, is becoming a problem. Some organizations try to address mobile security issues by deploying mobile phones for employees or requiring them to install new security features on their devices, but those measures can be costly, cause greater friction and drive users to work around security measures.

Calling it a “market first,” RSA says Mobile Lock isn’t a new app to configure or manage, as it is embedded in the RSA authenticator mobile app. When it detects threats, Mobile Lock can prevent users from authenticating into a secured environment until the threat is resolved while alerting IT admins to the issue.

Mobile Lock will only secure the authentication app and does not restrict access to any other resources, according to RSA. The feature constantly scans for critical threats to help establish device trust. ds

The feature was developed in partnership with Zimperium, a mobile device and app security company.

According to Rohit Ghai, CEO of RSA, the acceleration of the bring-your-own-device trend and remote work has introduced a widespread threat to organizations sensitive about cybersecurity.

“Given the heightened sensitivity of information on or accessible via remote devices—including critical data, enterprise systems, and customer records—our customers asked us for enhanced mobile protection that wouldn’t burden users,” Ghai says. “Mobile Lock addresses that urgent need, moving users’ personal devices and their organization’s overall security postures closer to zero trust.”

Jim Taylor, RSA chief product officer, says Mobile Lock takes a highly-targeted approach to neutralizing authentication threats and building device trust without placing additional effort on end users.

“The best security is what your users will use,” Taylor says. “Mobile Lock is exactly that.

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