st. Edward’s College Assistance Migrant Program celebrates 50th year

Since 1972, the College Assistance Migrant Program has been a part of St. Edward’s University, one of the four pioneer schools that implemented the program and the only one that has maintained it continuously since its creation.

The program was crafted in the 1960s to address American poverty, remove economic and social barriers, and make a university education accessible for low-income families. Over the years, CAMP at St. Edward’s has welcomed about 3,000 students.

Through funding from the Department of Education for first-year students and university scholarships for the rest of their undergraduate years, the program has helped its students fulfill their higher education dreams. For its 50th anniversary this year, CAMP is preparing celebrations to highlight its accomplishments, current students, faculty and alumni.

“It’s a university that definitely focuses on diversity and inclusion, and CAMP definitely falls under that pillar,” said CAMP program director and alumna Sonia Briseño.

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