The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On October 26, 2022

Keeping one’s head up is going to be the challenge on this day, as October 26 comes along with a couple of ‘hard-to-get-around’ transits, namely Mercury trine Mars and Moon square Saturn. As a result, it’s a rough horoscope day for three zodiac signs: Aries, Gemini and Capricorn.

With these celestial bodies in motion, we are looking at one challenge specifically: trying to stay out of trouble by NOT speaking up at the most inappropriate time.

Everything is about ‘timing’ today, which is why it would be advised to pay attention, and not ‘jump in’ just because it ‘feels’ right. Nothing is as it seems today, so discretion is necessary.

The Saturn transit may instill in us that feeling of “it’s now or never” and so we rush into something because we believe the opportunity will never arise again.

This isn’t necessarily true as it’s more about the perception of opportunity rather than the actual opportunity, itself.

Even if we do grasp the discretion ‘hint’ we may end up blowing it anyway, as Mercury trine Mars moves fast and aggressively.

This is the transit three specific zodiac signs have to watch today, as this is the one that can toss into a whole mess of “I don’t want this.”


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