The latest ‘Syracuse as Canvas’ mural to be unveiled in downtown Syracuse this week

The second of eight murals planned for urban Syracuse by Tomorrow’s Neighborhoods Today will be unveiled with a free happy hour reception on Friday, Oct. 28 from 4 to 6 pm at Jazz Central, 441 E. Washington St.

Muralist Cecily Thomas will be on hand to talk about her inspiration for “THIS MUST BE THE PLACE,” the 90-foot work that spans the entire length of the west wall of the building, which houses the CNY Jazz offices, education hub, and Jazz Central theater. Live music will be provided by Mark Hoffmann’s” Swing This!” and finger foods and cash bar will be available.

“I wanted to create something bold so that you can’t help but read it,” Thomas said. “My hope is that when people look at this mural, they immediately think of all the reasons why Syracuse is such a wonderful place. I think that whether you grew up here or are a transplant, it’s easy to take pride in the fact that this is your home. Syracuse must be the place!”

City officials will be in attendance continues at the event, including Mayor Ben Walsh and Common Councilor Jimmy Monto, who is also president of TNT, and to lead the citywide project.

“Syracuse is experiencing an art Renaissance of sorts, and it’s beautiful to see,” Monto said. “These projects scream civic pride; and the support from the community has been utterly astonishing. We have to keep investing our time and resources in artists, they do what they do out of pride and love for this city of ours.”

CNY Jazz leader and founder Larry Luttinger added, “This mural is so visually arresting, it your attention, with a strong, positive declaration. Many thanks to Jimmy and the folks at TNT who voted for our building as one of the eight mural locations. As the first arts center collaborating with a TNT visual artist, this amplifies our place in the cultural firm of downtown. Soon, we’ll be serving the city’s newest neighborhood, when I-81 comes down. When that happens, we’ll be ready to serve the new “Downtown East” with cultural services, in a beautiful setting.”

Mural number three is currently underway on the side of the Palace Theater in Eastwood at the corner of James Street and Stafford Avenue.


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