This Stunning Art Event Will Take You On A Self Discovery Journey

INTER_ is an interactive art experience that tingles the senses and it’s opening on November 2nd at the INTER_IAM art center at 415 Broadway in Manhattan. This immersive journey offers a new way of engaging with elemental forces and delivers multi-sensory art that taps into the connection between the mind, body, and reality.

This series of art installations highlights the layers of the elements: fire, water, earth, air. It also explores a fifth element, ether, which represents one’s mind and awareness of it. Some of the multi-sensory art questions life’s purpose, one’s own journey, and one’s interconnection to the surrounding world. And some of the experience will even touch on memory and an analysis of self.

Both deep and whimsical, this enveloping event comes from NYC venture studio JOBI Experiential in collaboration with artist Pete Saxwho merges his creativity with interactive technology.

There are several different facets to the experience. INTER_personal gives a unique and playful perspective of your own image through digital mirrors. INTER_sensory takes place in a dome where you can discover digital and abstract installations and soundscapes.

additionally, INTER_planetary looks at the elements of Earth. This segment has hanging gardens and motion sensors-activated by visuals and sound. INTER_val focuses on vibration and sound while INTER_connected explores memories and inspires self-reflection.

INTER_ opens at the INTER_IAM art space in Soho (415 Broadway) on November 2 Off-peak pricing (during the week) for adult tickets is $44 and $27 for children. Peak prices include tickets for Friday evening to Sunday night, for adults tickets are $54 and $32 for kids during these days.

The experience will be open on Monday-Friday from 12pm-10pm and on Saturday to Sunday from 10am-10pm.

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