US Army Validation Report Confirms Entanglement AI Cybersecurity Solution on Groq Tech

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 25, 2022 — The United States Army has released a Validation Report confirming that Entanglement AI’s cybersecurity solution on Groq technology – specifically a GroqNode – and simultaneously using quantum and classical algorithms for anomaly detection, is running the world’s fastest Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization (QUBO) Solver, noted in the report as “dramatically faster and more accurate… – with far fewer false positives – than any known technology. ”

The research was performed under a CRADA, or Commercial Research and Development Agreement, between the Army Analytics Group (AAG) and Entanglement, a Groq customer. Entanglement leveraged Groq hardware to solve cybersecurity anomaly detection three orders of magnitude faster than traditional methods.

Jason Turner, CEO and founder of Entanglement commented: “We’re proud of our breakthrough cybersecurity anomaly detection work, recently validated by the US Army. Our algorithms need to run on GroqChip to achieve these results, outperforming quantum computers to realize 600-1000x faster results. Groq is the technology bridging our solution and quantum, helping us deliver on the promises of quantum today.”

Previous AAG efforts, featured in the report as current state of the art, showed the ability to detect 120,000 inferences per second. Entanglement’s Groq-based approach achieved an anomaly detection rate of 72,000,000 inferences per second and demonstrated the potential to achieve 120,000,000 inferences per second across the key workloads.

Jonathan Ross, CEO and founder of Groq, added: “Entanglement uses quantum-based algorithms, but there isn’t a quantum computer anywhere today that can execute those algorithms as fast as GroqChip. The result was cybersecurity anomaly detection at 120 million inferences per second, three orders of magnitude faster than with any other technology and something they could only achieve on Groq hardware.”

“In the course of performing a CRADA with the Office of the Secretary of the Army, Entanglement has demonstrated a dramatically faster and more accurate cybersecurity anomaly detection capability – with far fewer false positives – than any known technology… The Entanglement/Groq capability offers greater efficiency than traditional methods and can solve otherwise intractable problems at scale,” the report states.

About Groq

Headquartered in Mountain View, CA with geo-agnostic teams across the US, Canada and the UK, Groq’s software-defined deterministic single-core Tensor Streaming Processor architecture lays the foundation for its compiler’s unique ability to predict exactly the performance and compute time of workloads while delivering uncompromised low latency. Groq has raised $367 million, with Series C funding co-led by D1 Capital and Tiger Global Management.

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