Watch: This video of tiny frogs cocooned inside dahlias is the cutest thing on the internet today

Visuals of tiny frogs cocooned within lush flower petals sound like something out of an illustrated fairy tale book. However, a video capturing this scene is going viral.

The undated video shared online by @FrogOnIG, a Twitter account dedicated to wholesome frog-related posts, has gathered over 6.9 lakh views. Tiny frog species like poison arrow frogs and tree frogs often put themselves between flower petals or leaves. These frogs eat small insects like flies, ants, and termites that land near the plants. The adhesive discs at their feet help them retain their grip on plants and flowers.

Commenting on the now viral frog video, a Twitter user wrote, “That’s so stinking cute. I love all frogs, but mini frogs in flowers is top tier content.” Another person said, “OK, which part of the world do I need to move to for a garden full of frog flowers?”

The video also prompted people to share pictures from their yards and gardens in which small frogs are seen within flowers.

Responding to a question about how frogs reach tall flowers, a Twitter user said, “The little Green Tree Frogs in our yard can jump really far. They would have no trouble jumping onto a plant and crawling up the long stalk, or just jumping directly on the flower. They are amazing!”.

In India, seven miniature frog species were discovered in the Western Ghats in 2017, after five years of extensive exploration. These frogs are so small that can comfortably sit even on a child’s thumbnail.


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