YouTube Music’s redesigned playlist view is rolling out widely

Shuffle is harder to reach now

Over the last few months, YouTube Music has undergone a few subtle visual changes across multiple platforms. Devs gave the app Material You buttons, and a redesigned library tab, among other interface tweaks. Back in July we checked out an improved design for playlists, first available on Android tablets, and later trickling down to some phones. Now, it appears to be rolling out to a whole lot more devices worldwide.


The new look for playlists feels just like the album view redesign we reported about in June, with larger, more prominent cover art. Above that we see uploader details, and there’s the playlist name and description down below. This is a beautiful change from the slightly cluttered previous view, where the playlist name and uploader info were all crammed in beside the cover art.

The old playlists view (left) compared to the new one (right)

Buttons for playback controls are also moving around. The old YouTube Music view had prominent rectangular buttons for Shuffle and Play, with options to Edit and Download playlists getting smaller dedicated buttons underneath the uploader information. In the new view, you’ll see a bold circular Play button under the Playlist description flanked by buttons to Edit, Download, and Share the playlist or album.

Location of the Shuffle button

However, you’ll notice the Shuffle button isn’t immediately visible in the new arrangement. Instead, it hides in the overflow menu, accessed by tapping the three-dot icon beside the Play button. That takes one additional tap to get to, and could be a minor hassle for people who prefer shuffling playlists they frequent.

We’re currently seeing this new interface rolling out for playlists on Android phones in multiple countries. If you don’t have it yet, try updating to the latest version of YouTube Music, clearing the cache, force-stopping, and restarting the app — these steps got it to appear in some of our testing. The new design on mobile brings the app one step closer to a consistent user experience across platforms and devices of different sizes — always a good thing.

Thanks: Mishaal!

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